The public offer.
The rules of the site and VPN Telegram bot @hitvpnbot

1. General terms

1.1. Company, hereinafter referred to as the "Seller", publishes a Public Offer for the sale of goods, information about which is presented on the Seller's official website, as well as in the Telegram bot @hitvpnbot

1.2. This document is a public offer,and in case of acceptance of the conditions set out below, an individual making an acceptance of this Offer, pays for the Seller's Goods in accordance with the terms of this Agreement. Payment for the Goods by the Buyer is an acceptance of the offer, which is considered equivalent to the conclusion of the Agreement on the conditions set forth in the offer.

1.3. Based on the foregoing, carefully read the terms of the public offer, and if you do not agree with any clause of the offer, you are invited to refuse to purchase the Goods or use the Services provided by the Seller.

1.4. In this offer, unless the context otherwise requires, the following terms have the following meanings:

1.5. "Offer" - a public offer of the Seller, addressed to any individual (citizen), to conclude a purchase agreement (hereinafter referred to as the "Agreement") on the existing conditions contained in the Agreement, including all its annexes.

1.6. "Buyer" - an individual entering into an agreement with the Seller on the terms and conditions contained in the Agreement.

1.7. "Acceptance" - complete and unconditional acceptance of the terms of the Agreement by the Buyer.

1.8. "Product" - access to the VPN service for a certain period of time. The VPN service allows all clients to access servers, networks located around the world, they are controlled by Hit VPN programs (hereinafter referred to as the “Software”). All received data, access settings, and other information related to this is confidential, not subject to disclosure to third parties. In case of violation of the terms, the service has the right to terminate access to the network, unilaterally, as well as terminate any service to the client, without the possibility of restoring access to the network and servers.

1.9. "Product characteristics" - a property of a particular product presented on the official website, such as access time, number of users.

1.10. "Order" - individual items from the assortment list of the Goods specified by the Buyer when placing an order on the website.

1.11. "Delivery" - service for the delivery of the Order.

1.12. "User" - an individual who has activated the telegram bot @hitvpnbot.

2. Subject of the agreement

2.1. The Seller sells the Goods in accordance with the current price list published on the Seller's website and in the telegram bot @hitvpnbot, and the Buyer makes payment and accepts the Goods in accordance with the terms of this Agreement.

2.2. This Agreement and its annexes are official documents of the Seller and an integral part of the offer.

3. Placing an Order

3.1. The order of the Goods is carried out by the Buyer through the Internet site or through the telegram bot @hitvpnbot.

3.2. When ordering on the Seller's website, the Buyer undertakes to provide the following registration information about himself:
– Telegram account ID.

3.3. When ordering through the Seller's Telegram bot, the Buyer undertakes to provide the following registration information about himself:
- Telegram account ID.

3.4. The Seller disclaims any responsibility for the content and accuracy of the information provided by the Buyer when placing an Order.

3.5. The Buyer is responsible for the accuracy of the information provided when placing the Order.

3.6. Payment by the Buyer for an Order independently placed through the website or telegram bot means the Buyer's consent to the terms of this Agreement. The day of payment for the Order is the date of conclusion of the purchase Agreement between the Seller and the Buyer.

3.7. All information materials presented on the site and in the telegram bot @hitvpnbot are for reference only and cannot fully convey reliable information about certain properties and characteristics of the Goods. If the Buyer has questions regarding the properties and characteristics of the Goods, before placing the Order, he needs to contact the Seller through the feedback channels.

4. Terms of execution of the Order

4.1. The order will be delivered within 5 minutes after payment in the form of authentication data (login and password) to the software.

4.2. The order is considered delivered at the moment the @hitvpnbot telegram bot sends data in the form of a message to the Buyer's specified telegram account.

4.3. If the Buyer provides false information about his contact details, the Seller is not responsible for the improper execution of the Order.

5. Payment for the Order

5.1. Payment for the Order is carried out by transferring funds by the Buyer via electronic money transfer. Confirmation of payment for the executed Order is the debiting of funds from the Buyer's electronic account.

5.2. Funds are accepted in the following way:
- payment by credit card;
- payment by QR Payment.

5.3. Payment for the Order is carried out in one of the ways convenient for the Buyer:
- one-time payment for any amoun of 0.9 euro per month for 1 connected device.

5.4. At least 3 days before the end of the paid period, the Seller sends a notification to the Buyer with a reminder to pay for the next period of using the service, otherwise access to the service will be canceled.

6. Refund of an Order

6.1. All new Users are granted free access for 30 days as part of the loyalty programme. During this free period, the User has the opportunity to verify the proper quality of the Seller's Goods. By placing an Order and Paying for it, the User agrees that the Seller provides the Goods in good quality.

6.2. The Buyer is not entitled to refuse the paid Goods (or parts thereof) of proper quality, having individually defined properties.

6.3. The Buyer is not entitled to refuse the paid Goods (or part thereof) of proper quality, in case of technical problems or other actions that have arisen on the side of the client's Internet provider or in the Internet network of the client's region of residence.

7. Copyright

7.1. All textual information and graphic images posted on the website and in the telegram bot @hitvpnbot are the property of the Seller and/or the manufacturers of the Goods.

8. Rights, obligations and responsibilities

8.1. The Seller is not responsible for the improper use of goods ordered on the website by the Buyer.

8.2. The Seller has the right to transfer its rights and obligations for the execution of Orders to third parties.

8.3. The Seller undertakes: to prevent attempts of unauthorized access to information and / or transfer of it to persons who are not directly related to the execution of Orders; timely detect and suppress such facts.

8.4. The Seller is not responsible for the harm caused on the network, for any harm and damage caused to the User on the network. It applies to both personal use and harm caused to business, commercial or public activities as a result of use, inability to use, or for other reasons related to the use of the Product (VPN Service).

8.5. The seller is not responsible for any actions of users when working with sites or programs that can harm and cause damage to the user or third parties. We cannot control and verify the correctness of user actions when using the Product (VPN service). Therefore, all responsibility for any actions lies directly with the user of the service.

8.6. The product (VPN service) can only be used for lawful purposes. It cannot be used in a certain number of cases, including:
- If any action violates national, international or local law.
- Sending spam, as well as any activity that thus harms network users.
- Distributing malware, viruses, trojans and other prohibited programs.
- Scanning ports, using torrent software, passwords guessing, creating malicious sites, such as phishing sites.
- Actions that imply fraud and are carried out with the aim of taking possession of other people's funds by fraudulent means. It also includes acts that infringe copyrights, patents, inventions, and other rights.
- For illegal representation for another individual, legal entity, organization, or company.
- Interference in the service operation, as well as violation of the policies and procedures that are established by the site for users.
- For calls to illegal actions directed at other people, networks or organizations.
When performing any such actions, the entire responsibility falls solely on the user. Also the Seller reserves the right to block the Buyer's account.

8.7. Sites blocked by Roskomnadzor are on our blacklist and are also not accessible from connection points in other countries.

8.8. The Buyer has the right to send all claims for improper execution of the order to the e-mail address or telegram account of the support service. All received information is processed as soon as possible.

9. Loyalty program Invite a friend

9.1. All new Users through the loyalty program are provided with free access for 30 days. To do this, the amount equivalent to 0.9 euro is credited to the User's virtual balance.

9.2. As part of the loyalty program, the User can invite his friends to the service by sending them a special link. When a friend of the User clicks on this link and creates an account, the User receives an additional free access for 15 days. To do this, the amount equivalent to 0.45 euro is credited to the User's virtual balance.

9.3. The amount specified on the User's virtual balance is spent exclusively on the purchase of goods and services within the VPN service. This amount cannot be withdrawn from the balance.

10. Force majeure

10.1. A party that has not fulfilled or improperly fulfilled its obligations under this agreement shall not assume obligations if proper fulfillment is realized by an impossible event of occurrence of force majeure (force majeure).

10.2. Under the influence of force majeure (force majeure) means: wars, floods, fires, earthquakes and other natural disasters, strikes, changes in legislation or any other impact on the affected atmosphere and at the same time they do not allow the fulfillment of an obligation under this contract, and the exception is not is an explicit or indirect consequence of the action or inaction of one of the parties.