Privacy Policy for Mobile App

Privacy Policy for Mobile App

Highlight: We do not collect any personal data. Our service is designed to collect as minimum user information as possible. The only information which passes to our service is anonymous TelegramID, which is not associated with the user's personal data.

Important: Data we collect includes no more than is crucial to provide full functionality of HitVPN service. We do not collect anything for tracking purposes and take all necessary measures to protect the information we get.

Mobile app HitVPN ("App") provides network tunnels using a censorship-resistant protocol.

HitVPN collects and processes your Personal Data in accordance with this Privacy Policy for Mobile App and in compliance with the applicable data protection laws. This Policy provides you with the necessary information regarding your rights and our obligations and explains how, why and when we process your personal data. Our general principle is to collect only the information that is necessary to provide you with full functionality of our products and services.

What Data We Collect

When you launch the Telegram bot @hitvpnbot, Telegram automatically transmits to us your Telegram ID only, which is in no way associated with your personal information.

When you are using our software

When you choose to use our app, you thereby accept to provide us your personal data listed above. This data is essential as it helps ensure the full functionality of HitVPN services.

You can always delete your account by sending an email to to ensure that even this data is removed from our database.


When registering, you need to open Telegram bot @hitvpnbot and press Activate VPN. Telegram bot will make an account for you. The only information we will get from bot about you is TelegramID, which is not associated with your personal information.

Usage of information

It is important for a VPN service to understand how much traffic you are using. That is why we collect data about how you interact with our services, how much traffic you’ve used, and for how long you have been using our services.

Diagnostic/Device information

We do not collect anything about your device.

Disclosure to third parties

We do not sell, use, or disclose to third parties any data for any purpose.


We do not violate local laws. We operate onder law of Belize and we do not need any license to provide VPN services.

Use by Kids

We do not offer our Services for use by kids and, therefore, we do not knowingly collect Personal Data from, and/or about individuals under the age of eighteen (18) or under the age of majority in the jurisdiction of residency / from which the Services are used. If you are under the age of eighteen (18), or under the age of majority in the jurisdiction where you reside or from which you use the Services, do not provide any Personal Data to us without the involvement of a parent or a legal guardian. For the purposes of the GDPR, we do not intend to offer information society services directly to kids. In the event that we become aware that you provide Personal Data in violation of applicable privacy laws, we reserve the right to delete it. If you believe that we might have any such information, please contact us as described in the Contacts section.

For users in European Economic Area (“EEA”)

HitVPN is committed to user privacy globally, and our existing practices reflect that through minimal collection of data and ensuring users have control over their personal information. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) of the European Union (EU) requires us to outline those practices in a specific manner for users in the EU.

In line with the GDPR, we collect and process the data outlined in this Privacy Policy on one of the following bases, depending on the circumstances:

    For the purposes of fulfilling our contractual obligations to users, including:
  • - Providing users with the Services and Apps they have requested.
  • - Managing user subscriptions and processing payments.
  • - Providing customer support.
    For a legitimate interest associated with the operation of our business, including:
  • - Enhancing the quality, reliability, and effectiveness of our Site, Services, and Apps.
  • - Communicating with customers to provide information and seek feedback related to our Services and Apps.
    With the consent of users, which users can withdraw at any time.

If you are a resident of EEA countries, you can exercise your rights as provided in the European Union's General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”) by contacting us at

For users in California

If you are a California resident, you can exercise your rights as provided in the California Consumer Privacy Act (“CCPA”) by contacting us at As per definitions in the CCPA, please note that HitVPN does not sell, share, lease, or rent your personal information.

Updates To This Privacy Policy

We will update this privacy policy as needed so that it is current,accurate, and as clear as possible. Your continued use of our App confirms your acceptance of our updated Privacy Policy.

If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy, please contact us at

Effective as of 7/SEP/2023